We are a bunch of tech enthusiasts willing to transform your tech stack. We excel right from solution design to delivery that fits your market.

We believe our success is through our passionate team.

We are passionate about what we do, so we will make sure we exceed your expectations at all stages of development. We will excel at any cost.


Every industry is making a drastic shift towards digital transformation to enable and streamline business activities and handle unforeseen circumstances.  We at NYL can bring the required change at levels and out through the legacies.


We have been leading in this since the birth of the IoT for the Automotive domain. Our expert team member has been living in the entire ecosystem of the IoT, right from designing the architecture to implementing it in the right cloud computing environment.


Every insurer is striving for digital transformation, which will improve the business and the legacy environment, which is creating enormous operation expenses. We have helped many insurers to implement a new-age digital ecosystem to handle various insurance processes.

Public Sector

Technology is the right partner for the government. With the right technology, they deliver better. We have worked on various government projects and improved and provided the right solution.

About us

We have pioneered various enterprise technology stacks and delivered the right solution with a differentiated approach that stands out concerning scalability, security, and solution orchestration.

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What's our secret? Great people.

With the right environment and people, we can do wonders. Join us and be part of this passionate group and drive the next-gen digital transformation.   

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