Tusker Hydraulics predicts demand with 95% accuracy now.

Know how we facilitated that.

The Situation

In 2019, initially, they had approached us for only redesigning their website to improve the web presence and increase traffic rate but eventually ended up reconstructing their existing digital process. During the requirement analysis stage, we happened to identify that the other lead sourcing application such as Social media, Chatbots, IVR, Email Lead Forms, Web forms were not in sync with their business process and were completely disjointed. Then they wanted us to visit their existing Digital ecosystem and analyse and provide necessary addition to increase business efficiency.

Our experts suggested having a web application called a lead management system to enable informed and more accurate sales predictions. It will be centralised, automated and data-driven.

The other major problem they wanted to eliminate was the manual intervention with the data and has improved operational efficiency and minimised IT risks. We recommended an automation solution that eliminates the manual process, ultimately boosts productivity and diminishes costs.

Tusker hydraulics contracted NYL Technology as a technology partner to help them address their needs with a suitable IT solution.

Software Development services

The Solution

The plan was to develop an MVP to validate the concept, get their confidence, and scale it to a full-fledged web application. We made a detailed on-site discovery and identified some of the key features and processes that validate the purpose. MVP focused on two key modules that are centralized lead management and data studio module, to provide critical insights for sales planning. We were on time with the delivery of MVP and impressed them to move on to the next phase of development with exclusive features. Timeframe of 2 months was the only critical challenge we had for MVP, but we accomplished and delivered on time.

In the next phase, the Central Lead Management System that NYL designed and delivered works as a concrete solution for the customers’ needs. The solution provides centralised lead management and a data-driven sales module to enable key stakeholders to take appropriate resolutions. NYL data science specialists also created several analytics modules for Hydraulics production planning, sales planning, customer segmentation and behaviour prediction.

The system provides a Weekly forecast on sales demand by analysing the historical data, account seasonality and other factors.

The solution was installed, helping key stakeholders to make long-term and short-term decisions about production and sales predictions. The NYL team provides ongoing improvement and maintenance.

The Result

Reduced costs and higher profits with a single point of orchestration

The Central Lead management System established a single point of orchestration for all of Tusker Hydraulics previously disconnected systems. A streamlined communication among our client’s systems eliminates the need for manual processes.

Tusker Hydraulics can now predict demand with a 95% accuracy for a period of three to nine weeks. Our client’s profitability improved with a 3% increase in their production rate while their cost decreased.

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