The Situation

Harvest’s Transact division, which focuses on retail solutions for Jewellery Retail services, contracted NYL to upgrade their UI/UX and build an API for their billing purpose. Moreover, they wanted to expand their offering to staff working on various building levels to seamlessly do the billing process.

Harvest’s preferred NYL to other vendors due to our strong UX expertise, flexibility in terms of cooperation models, and the ability to quickly ramp up and scale the project team.

UI/UX design company-NYL Technology

The Solution

Improved user experience for self-service kiosks and three bookstore management apps

NYL designed an entirely new user experience for our client’s billing app. The redesigned app is a multi-platform solution that fully supports Billing and Inventory management and offers secure and convenient payment options. Thanks to the scalable block structure of the newly developed user interface, any type of goods can be added, allowing the offering to extend to additional products. NYL also developed an API to establish smooth communication between the POS and the system’s backend to boost its responsiveness and improve performance.

Additionally, the NYL team developed a comprehensive system for smart inventory management. The system includes three iOS applications facilitating and automating the inventory, selling, and return processes:

An HarvestStore application enables easy and fast scanning of items in stock using a mobile phone camera. The solution facilitates inventory auditing procedures, such as annual physical inventories and regular cycle counts.

HarvestSell is a mobile POS for bookstore cashiers that offers greater mobility when scanning and selling items. HarvestSell supports different payment methods, issues email or print receipts, as well as generates reports on the sales history and the payment methods used.

HarvestReturn was designed to simplify and streamline the return process for sold goods. The app displays the product details and allows for the application of fines for lost, damaged items, and automatically offers buyback options.

The Result

Satisfying the market need for flexible and customisable retail solutions

The newly developed applications provide our client with greater flexibility, allowing for the deployment of fully functional POS at remote locations with no technical infrastructure needed. The apps eliminate the manual processing of transactions and minimize human factor errors. Moreover, the system significantly increases the mobility of salespeople and provides store management with comprehensive tools to effectively track KPIs and their employees’ performance.

A new smart digital app with customizable UI/UX and a streamlined purchase process allowed our customers to create a competitive advantage in the market. The solution is very flexible and easy to customize to specific market needs with no additional interface redesign needed.

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