A market fit SaaS product for FixSer. Know how we transformed.

The Situation

It’s always fun to work with a startup; as you know, they are young and enthusiastic. FixSer is a startup based in Chennai and wanted NYL10 to develop a web application with a comprehensive digital transformation for booking service portal and a price comparison portal concerning UX where users can compare services and rates from various garages.

They also wanted us to develop a SaaS-based backend web application with a multi-tenancy architecture approach used by the garages to manage the booking and offered services. It has to be versatile with other client platforms such as Mobile, Tablets and Desktop. The other significant and critical requirement was integrating with third-party CRM to manage the lead and customer data and Payment gateways to handle the transactions. Also, the app has to provide the location of partner garages on the comparison listing page.

Web based client application

The Solution

As a project kick-off, the team conducted a two-day, on-site product design workshop with FixSer to prioritise the scope and create user personas with customer journey maps. NYL10 business analysts, product designers and architects regularly visited FixSer for 1-2-week workshops to refine the project vision, scope and prototypes.

We designed and realised a web-based client application with a modern User Interface that provides a top-notch user experience for the customer to do garages searches, make price comparisons, service booking and payment transactions. It was crucial to ensure the digital experience is seamless across tablets, smartphones and other mobile view devices. We made sure the delivered solution is beyond their expectation.

The multitenancy backend application with secure and scalable cloud architecture helps customers manage their account information, handle payments, and manage invoices. A well-established communication module equipped users to receive app notifications and email in real-time on all web and mobile applications.

We also delivered a mobile application with the same feature as the end-user web application with a top-notch user experience design and features as service booking, price comparison and account management. It is a hybrid app counting to support iOS and Android platforms.

Our Continuous Integration team assured that the entire development and deployment are seamless for every sprint release with top-performing DevOps tools. The product was on time and well tested, which reduced almost 50% of the testing required for production release.

Check out the tech stack that supported the development and deployment.

  1. FrontEnd Development: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Angular with Material Design
  2. Backend Development: NodeJS, GraphQL
  3. Mobile: React Native
  4. Database: PostgreSQL
  5. Cloud: AWS (CloudFront, SE Media, EC2, Application Load Balancer, SQS Message Queue/Kafka
  6. DevOps: GitHub, Jenkins, ECR Docker Manager, Terraform
  7. Project Management: AzureDevOps

The Result

Reduced costs and higher profits with a single point of orchestration

FixSer has launched a comprehensive digital portal that efficiently navigates the price comparison & service booking process in a single, clearly structured workflow and seamlessly handles payment transactions.

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